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To state the obvious – to stay ahead of the rest you need to be well trained. We don’t just train, we inspire, energise and fire up those emotive juices that help people think of and create new ways of doing things. Not just training on the how to develop strategy that integrates the marketing mix, drives digital marketing, SEO, social media or shows you how to apply social media to HR , but also the training that will generate ideas.

Would you like a case study? What other outside of the box applications can you think of? This comes as standard on all our in-house courses. Not just functional training, but inspired, informed, idea generation to augment the functional skills being learned.

Training Pathway - Bite Size Training From Peter

Social Media Training - The Road Map For Your Business

We adopt a social media business approach. We provide social media training and coach at all levels from marketing executives to global chairman of FTSE companies and across all disciplines from marketing and HR through to sales and operations. Using social media has enormous benefits for almost any business, but it's important to be aware that any use of social media must have direction. After all, if you jumped into your car one day and just started randomly driving, heading in whatever direction feels right at the time, getting distracted occasionally and taking scenic detours from time to time it's very unlikely that you'd ever end up at your destination. Not least because you never actually knew what your destination was. If by sheer chance you did end up somewhere that proved to be worthwhile you would almost certainly find that there would have been a much more efficient way of getting there, costing less in time and money.

That's where having social media training from us can help, because we give you the ability to create your own road map, understanding exactly where you're going, why you're going there and how you're going to get there. You'll also be able to adequately assess your progress along the way, making decisions if necessary which will affect what you're doing. Talk to us today to find out more about how we can help provide you with the social media training you need. Peter's bite size social media training for business. If you need more intensive training and coaching we offer bespoke packages and a range of standard social media training courses

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Peter Wilkinson Social Media Consultant


Paul Genders (IT Manager) Peter provided training on Social Media Marketing, a 3 day intensive course, at our offices in Beeston, Nottingham. I never knew there was so much to know about SMM, but Peter opened our eyes and started us on our Social Media Strategy. Peter's course was highly informative, well planned and packed full of useful ideas and instructions.

Claire Nicholls (MD) I commissioned Peter to provide myself and the team at Reflection Marketing with a deeper understanding of Social Media and how to maximise on the benefits it provides. Peter really is an expert in his field, the training was given in a concise and structured way. He has given us the knowledge and tools to allow us to develop our own social media strategy, whilst also providing us with enough of an understanding to be able to advise and assist our clients to a level that is required.

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