Using YouTube and Social Media to Promote Your Golf Course

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YouTube is one of the most used elements of the social media landscape. It has an average number two ranking in end user search engine traffic.  Yet most golf courses don’t seem to know what to do with it.

YouTube is the perfect platform for your promotional video; for a course introduction; and for a hole by hole tutorial of your establishment.  You can also encourage your resident professionals to post video tutorials of their own: basic swing techniques and corrections; putting practice.

It isn’t just YouTube that contains promotional gold for your course.

Facebook isn’t about sales, it’s about socialising.  It’s also about 750 million users and rising. That’s a potential catchment area no one can afford to ignore.  Create a page for your golf course and encourage your professionals to create pages too, linking themselves to you.

Advertise your Facebook page at your course; on your website; on your invoices and membership documents.  Encourage your members to befriend their instructors and encourage those instructors to interact daily with your members in a genuine and interesting way.

Start a blog – or rather ensure that professionals in your employ are blogging regularly and well.  People aren’t interested in blogs “written” by corporations or corporate entities, which either pump out undiluted sales guff or talk in a rather circumspect way about – you guessed it – products they sell.  Golf courses are populated by golfers, who want to learn from better golfers.  Get your pros blogging and their followers become, by default, aficionados of your establishment.

LinkedIn is a great place for golf courses to get involved in the social media.  Business to business communication is growing exponentially through LinkedIn, which has updated its marketing tools to allow you to target adverts on an individual or business wide level.  Start networking with fellow golf professionals and research ways to get targeted adverts for corporate golf days out to businesses in your local area.

Don’t forget to use the social media to power your business as well as to advertise it.  Using LinkedIn and Twitter to develop alliances and engage in “Tweetings” gives you the ability to approach and cement fruitful contacts on the spot, no matter where you are physically located at the time.  LinkedIn in particular carries the ability to get third party introductions happening, so you can grow your circle of connections proactively.

Social Media Consultant

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