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Social media strategy doesn’t simply have to apply to the external behaviour of your company – or even to the way that your employees behave internally while representing your company online. There are now many complex tools on the market for driving employee brand advocacy and more, ones that your digital marketing agency will be able to use to improve the internal working culture of your company as well as the outward representation of your brand.

Social media technology has made advances in stakeholder management and cross silo learning possible, as never before – changes in the way that your company works on a daily basis. You can use your social media strategy internally, to streamline the way that your employees work. By applying the same tactics to inter-employee relationships as your external Facebook and Twitter marketing strategies do to your brand-to-social network dynamic, you’ll be able to use the strengths of social media technology to your advantage.

Real time meetings taking place in different locations is only the start of it. Ask your consultant for training that will enable you to link your departments together in an internal social media network, in the same way that your Facebook and Twitter marketing presence links your brand personality to the outside world.

The internal culture of your company can be dictated by your external social media strategy too. Once your company has found its online personality, and is using its social media marketing presence to create a brand influence in new market areas, your employees must be encouraged to work in a way that fosters and backs up that personality, Effectively.

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