More Brands Move Towards Social Media, But Are They Listening Enough? Are They Getting the Right Advice?

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Peter Wilkinson Panther Social Media

Plenty of social media advice dished out to brands recently has been of the “join in the conversation” variety – and up to a point that’s a perfectly valid thing to suggest. Social media has provided an invaluable platform for brands to talk directly to their consumers, to foster friendships and relationships with them and to influence them to buy. Social media training courses, though, are pointing out that there’s a whole neglected area of the social media conversation – what’s being said about the brand.

Twitter training courses and Facebook training courses are now dishing out some new and extremely valuable advice. Don’t talk – listen. That’s where, say the social media training courses, the really valuable interface between customers, stake holders and brands lies: not in persuading people into new sorts of relationship with your company, but in sitting back and really listening to what they say.

It makes sense. Every brand that follows the new advice played out in Twitter training course and Facebook training courses is experiencing a paradigm shift in the way that they view their interaction with their market. Suddenly social media is less about finding another platform to do a flashy dance on, and say “everyone look at me” – instead it has become about finding a way to listen carefully and directly to the opinions that really matter. Those of your end user, about your product.

Careful tracking of social media chatter about brands, products and initiatives accounts for a whole new industry – bespoke gadgets designed to trawl chatter for references to your brand message. According to the latest social media training, that’s an excellent idea. Listen first and speak later: that’s the message. Are you receiving?

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