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Social Media Marketing Jobs Not to be Missed – This Afternoons Latest Digital, Tech and Marketing….

Not to be missed – This afternoons latest digital, tech, marketing and social media marketing….The following are the latest digital, tech, marketing and social media marketing jobs on the Social Media Business Club jobsite.

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Using Social Media for Maintaining Customer Service

Social Media for Maintaining Customer Service – Ultimately, social media in all its forms is a great tool for helping a business keep its levels of customer service high. All customer service, after all, is driven by the customer – and where the customer is in direct daily contact with a company through Facebook and Twitter activity, the business is able to keep an eye on its current reputation. Continue reading



The Value of Social Media Advertising in Internet Marketing

If you own a business and want to maximize your profits, then social media advertising is a must. It is a channel that provides the best opportunity. Continue reading



Social Media Management Tools and CRM sCRM

Do you know what sCRM is? It stands for socialmedia Customer Relations Management – and depending on who you talk to it is either the simplest or the trickiest bit of your social media strategy. Personally, I tend to think it’s pretty simple. After all, unless you’ve been doing business in the Stone Age, you will already have a good grasp both of customer relations and of the CRM software that makes it easier for you – adding socialmedia into the mix is simply the next logical progression. Continue reading



Strategic Marketing Mentor

Strategic Marketing, Social Media Trainer and Mentor Peter Wilkinson, helps CEO, directors and boards develop their marketing strategy. ‘The Social Company’ and company culture are providing companies with a means to develop competitive advantage. Using social media to drive innovation and company-customer collaboration is key. Peter runs board briefing sessions to full engagement programmes for senior directors. Continue reading

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